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When it comes to downtown Indianapolis weddings, it can be overwhelming to decide on a location for your bridal party photos. Indianapolis is beautiful but not all locations offer great light with plenty of room for you and your very best friends. Over the years I have found a handful of locations that I feel are the best places for bridal party photos in Indianapolis!

Indiana World War Memorial

The Indiana World War Memorial is easily one of my favorite places in Indy for bridal party photos! With gorgeous neutral tones and even better light, this space will make the perfect backdrop for any bridal party.

Robert D. Orr Plaza

Robert D. Orr Plaza is a hidden gem in Indianapolis! I love this location because it is steps away (literally) from the canal. And best of all? It’s a covered option incase we run into any less than desirable weather. Which.. can absolutely happen from time to time on an Indiana wedding day!

The Canal Walk

The canal walk is a popular location for wedding photos, and with good reason! It’s a quintessential Indianapolis spot! The canal walk has amazing views but on nice days it can be very busy. So be sure you are prepared for that or have a photographer who knows their way around photoshop. (And yes, I did edit gobs of people out of this shot.)

Georgia Street

Georgia Street is a fabulous location for bridal party photos in Indianapolis! I love that it isn’t a busy street so we don’t have to wait for cars to go by to get incredible shots. And because of the tight space between buildings, we almost always have great light thanks to the shadow cast from the buildings across the way!

Military Park

If you’d like your bridal party photos to be full of gorgeous green spaces, Military Park is a good option! This location sings, especially in the fall!

Holliday Park

Holliday Park is located a tad north of downtown Indianapolis but it is very easy to get to if you are renting a party bus. The ruins make a for an interesting backdrop and the shade from the trees is perfect for a whimsical look.

Monument Circle

Finally, we have Monument Circle! This one is very popular for many weddings in Indianapolis. I love that it is centrally located and again.. those neutral tones make any bridal party look flawless! That said, I highly recommend providing transportation for your bridal party for this location because parking can be hard to come by and we will loose precious photo time waiting for everyone to park and walk to the monument.

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The Best Places for Bridal Party Photos in Indianapolis

The Best Places for Bridal Party Photos in Indianapolis

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