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With our hearts on our sleeves and a well organized plan, our goal is to capture your wedding in a way that is intentional, timeless and one of a kind. A customized, luxury experience and a dedication to detail allow us to passionately tell your unique love story and serve you well.

From sentimental celebrations in the heart of the midwest to photographing love stories in the Italian light, our excitement for capturing joy on camera knows no bounds. If you are looking for meaningful wedding imagery that withstands the test of time, we would love to connect with you!


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I'm Alison, a fine art wedding photographer with a heart for all things timeless. I love spending time with animals and antiquing with my husband on our free weekends. I'm passionate about travel, beautiful love stories and the art of genuine connection. 

I can't wait to get to know you and hear your story!

Alison Mae

Wedding Photographer 

"Alison had so much experience and knowledge about the best way to make the day run smoothly, and we had full faith in her - and she flawlessly delivered. She was able to catch all of the special moments, regardless of whether they were planned.

Tatyana and Josh

"Every bride deserves to feel the way that Alison made me feel on my wedding day, which was like a good friend."

Shelby and Augie

"Alison was truly so amazing to us during our wedding planning process. She was there from start to finish, and truly helped so much with our timeline, picking out poses, engagement pictures, and our wedding. "

Shayla and Myles

"Alison and her team could not have been bigger champions for the success of our wedding day."

Caitlin and Lucas

"Alison captured moments in time she knew would be important to us, and I can’t begin to explain how meaningful it is to work with someone who takes the time to get to know you."

Kelsea and Dave

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Italian Destination Wedding?

There is so much to love about Italy, from the authentic dishes to the age old architecture but my favorite by far is the elegant beauty that is an Italian wedding. As an Italian destination wedding photographer, I know there is so much to choose from in finding that perfect location while on site. Together, we can work to envision the perfect moment and bring it to life. The classic streets of Italy are a bustling with a love for life unlike anywhere else on the planet. Proudly share your love in one of the most sought after destinations and cherish them for a lifetime together!

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