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As we began Molly and Jeb’s summer engagement photos at Newfields, the gardens were sun soaked and cheerful. But while the radar didn’t call for rain until much later that evening, the sky began to darken as we explored the estate. Heavy clouds moved in, draping the sky and blanketing the grounds in moody, muted light. The heavy feeling of an impending summer storm was palpable. The warm breeze carried hints of petrichor that lingered delicately amongst the blooms. A message from Mother Nature herself.

But that didn’t seem to bother Molly and Jeb one bit. In fact, their smiles seemed to grow. They embraced the temperamental weather and pressed on. Their joy seemed to glow as we dashed around the gardens, bringing their own light to every dark corner. But that’s the thing about Molly and Jeb. They radiate joy and this beautiful sense of comfort in one another that I am so drawn to. For a long while I have felt that hearts that know unconditional love can recognize it easily when they see and feel it. Perhaps this is why I’m a wedding photographer. I believe so earnestly in things like invisible strings, soul mates and love at first sight. But I also believe that unconditional love is one of the most beautiful things in life and for romantic relationships, it begins with friendship. And my goodness, you can see this incredible friendship between Molly and Jeb, which I just love. Together they embraced the .. well, not so great with the biggest smiles. The dark sky didn’t matter as long as they were together.

Newfields Summer Engagement Photos

Summer Engagement Photos at Newfields

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