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Not long after our plane touched down from our three week adventure through Europe, I found myself hitting the ground running as I made my way to this incredible Laurel Hall engagement session. With fresh eyes and a full heart I explored the quiet, empty mansion before Agnes and Mitch arrived. The stillness of the space, reminiscent of a bygone era, was almost tangible. Specks of dust glittered in the golden sunlight that poured in through the stained glass windows, illuminating the dark wood floors of the hand carved staircase. These artisanal details lit a fire of inspiration in me. Not unlike the enchanting old world beauty that I had just spent weeks photographing in Europe, Laurel Hall is mystical and captivating. It’s walls telling the story of it’s past in a language I don’t speak but somehow understand all the same.

Laurel Hall Engagement Session

When Mitch and Agnes arrived I was full of inspiration to capture this incredible couple in this exceptional space. I was elated to finally meet them in person, as they had hit the ground running as well. Moving from Florida to Indiana just hours before, Agnes and Mitch agreed that this transitionary time was the perfect way to begin this new chapter in their lives. Life had been hectic for each us, but that feeling of calm that Laurel Hall exudes enveloped us all.

Agnes and Mitch have a love that you can feel as much as you can see. My favorite kind. The kind of love that you know is rooted in friendship. It’s gentle. It’s warm. This kind of love is full of laughs and trust. It’s love stories like this that inspire me most behind the lens. And photographing Agnes and Mitch together was such a joy. Adding in elements from Laurel Hall was the proverbial cherry on top. Not to mention that Agnes had the most timeless concept in mind for these photos which I instantly loved.. But then again, I instantly loved Agnes and Mitch too and cannot wait for their Hotel Carmichael wedding!

A couple steal a kiss on the staircase of Laurel Hall. He is standing on the step above her and her hand is resting on the wooden hand railing.

Laurel Hall Engagement Session

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