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During our most recent trip to Europe we found ourselves with a day in Milan, Italy. Tucked between our days in Paris and Lake Como, we were excited to take it slow during this part of our trip. We kept our plans fairly simple with the goal of taking in whatever we could in the short time that we had.

The flight from Paris was short and after dropping our bags at our hotel we headed out into the fashion capital of the world. After a few short steps we came upon the Duomo di Milano, which is genuinely breathtaking. The delicate details carved into the pink marble climbed up the sides of this historic basilica, which seemed to blend into the cloudless sky. Pigeons bobbed about as tourists gazed in wonder, myself included.

As we made our way through the crowds we quickly found ourselves walking down the the domed open halls of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, which is another stunning Milan sight. Stores such as Gucci, Saint Laurent and Dior tempted window shoppers. We did a little shopping ourselves before heading back to our hotel to prepare for our next adventure in Milan.

QC Termemilano

As I mentioned earlier, we were looking forward to some down time during this part of our trip. Fortunately for us, a world famous spa is located in Milan. QC Termemilano is a dream land of relaxation. Built along the remains of the city’s former dock, Spanish walls that date back to 500 AD inclose the spas Darsena garden and heated pools creating a tranquil oasis. A cheerful, vintage yellow trolley serves as a sauna, welcoming you into the spas creative approach to relaxation.

Inside various rooms hold surprises behind every door. Saunas, steam rooms and waterfalls create spaces to let your mind go and fall into relaxation, something that I absolutely needed after a busy season photographing weddings. But the thunderstorm rain room was by far my favorite. As you wade into chest high water, video screens around the room play nature scenes. As you start to relax, storm clouds roll across the screen and the room booms as thunder plays through speakers. Suddenly you find yourself caught in a rainstorm as water pours from the sky. Raindrops hit your face and if it feels like you are floating in a peaceful storm. A true multi-sensory aesethic experience.

QC Termemilano also includes a delicious snack, complete with champagne and tater tots. What could be better? Zach and I even indulged in a couples massage which was incredible after exploring Paris on foot for several days. (And carrying lots of heavy finds from Les Puces, our favorite antique market.) If you find yourself in Milan, this peaceful spa is a must!

A Day in Milan, Italy

Duomo di Milano

A Day in Milan, Italy

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