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Alison Mae

The Animal Protection League

Once a month, we spend a Sunday at the Animal Protection League, the animal shelter in my home town. My time at APL is spent photographing the cats. I love that I am able to combine my two biggest passions, animals and photography, in a way that gives back. Thanks to modern technology more and more people are finding their pets online before ever stepping foot in a shelter. They browse the pets on sites such as Pet Finder and have a good idea of which pet they want to see ahead of time. Being able to bring the cats out of their cages and capture their true personalities (with some snuggles mixed in) really helps build that connection in photos online. With APL’s leading cat expert, Elmore, I am able to capture each sweet kitty in a way that celebrates their unique spirit.

There are many adoptable pets at The Animal Protection League, so if you are looking to help a dog or cat find it’s forever family, please schedule a visit! However, if you are not able to adopt a pet at this time, there are still ways you can help! Volunteering to walk the dogs, spending time snuggling the cats or cleaning the kennels are all so important! Click here to sign up to volunteer at APL!

Another way to help the animals of APL is by donating! You can donate through their Paypal or send a gift by mail to: 613 Dewey Street, Anderson, IN 46016. My personal favorite way to donate is by using their Amazon link to purchase desperately needed items to be directly shipped to APL. You can access their wish list here.