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As most of you know, I specialize in weddings and personal branding sessions in my photography business. But there are a few instances where I will make an exception. My beautiful cousin Kacie graduating from ISU was one of those occasions! I am so very proud of Kacie so being able to have her show me around campus and take photos of her was an absolute honor. Capturing her beauty (both inside and out) during her Indiana State University grad photo session was a joy!

Kacie Leanne

Kacie made her debut in my life when I was a preteen and I was so curious about this sweet little baby with the brightest eyes I’d ever seen. I was lucky enough to babysit Kacie and her older brother Drew often when they were toddlers. I got to know their fun little quirks and share so many snuggles. From wagon rides around their neighborhood to enjoying chicken nuggets while watching Blue’s Clues, I treasured my time with those two.

And that little girl with the curly hair (as well as her brother Andrew Max) took hold of a huge piece of my heart, which has never changed. Over the years I’ve watched Kacie grow into this stunning young woman she is now. From excelling in school to dominating the soccer pitch, Kacie has always been multifaceted. And even though her accomplishments are impressive, Kacie’s kind heart is what really makes her shine. Kacie is sincere and intentional. She can go from cracking jokes (her dry humor and quick wit are honestly hilarious!) to a genuine conversation like it’s nothing because she is so present with whomever she is with. Simply put, Kacie is an absolute gem.

Indiana State University

During her time at ISU Kacie made the dean’s list every single semester. She took many difficult classes and made them look like a walk in the park. She worked a part time job, served as an ISU student leader and participated in internships. And she did all of this while being incredibly active in greek life. She served as president of her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, for a year and attended leadership conferences.

Zeta Tau Alpha

During our photoshoot, it was important that we spend some time celebrating Kacie’s experience with her sorority. Zeta has been a huge part of Kacie’s life as I mentioned above. In fact, her mom (my Aunt Toni) is also a Zeta! So this made for some extra special memories for the two of them. I know that Kacie’s experience with Zeta has left such a good impression in her life, but I also believe that Kacie left a wonderful impact on her sorority as well.

Family Traditions

Both of Kacie’s parents (my amazing Aunt Toni and Uncle Patrick) attended ISU. In fact, that’s where they met! So the fact that both Andrew and Kacie also went to school here is really cool. Over the years I have heard so many stories about all of the fun that took place at the Ballyhoo. So at the end of Kacie’s grad session we absolutely had to make a stop here! Zach and I finally got to create our own Bally memories with three out of four Limas. We shared pizza and talked about Kacie’s grad school plans. As we sat in that wooden booth surrounded by the sharpie signatures of so many former students, I found myself getting lost in my feels a bit. I am so very proud of Kacie and the life she is creating for herself. She found a way to balance between sharing the ISU experience with her family and blazing her own unique path. She is already so accomplished and she is just getting started. With those same bright eyes (and love for chicken nuggets) Kacie is going to do big things. And I’ll be cheering her on every step of the way.

Congratulations, Kacie Leanne. I love you!

(And yes, I cried while writing this. SO proud of you, Kace!)

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