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Sometimes you just need to get away. To unplug, unwind and reconnect with nature. To feel the dirt beneath your feet and the sun on your cheeks. So when Zach and I were booked for an incredible Sedona wedding, we knew that arriving early and enjoying a quaint Sedona getaway was just what we needed.

As you make the drive from Phoenix to Sedona, you can almost feel Sedona before you see it. The ascent out of the valley of the sun is a steep climb and the hot desert air begins to cool off around you. The hundreds of saguaro cacti that pepper the Phoenix horizon become more scarce by the mile. And then suddenly, like an invisible wall, they are gone.

State Route 179 winds through small communities and deceptively flat land. And then, almost with out warning, the majestic red rocks appear before you. Welcoming you with a magic warmth that is unlike any other. And nestled just beneath the iconic Bell Rock sits the Cozy Cactus.

The Cozy Cactus

Brightly colored paint and potted plants give this Sedona bed and breakfast a quirky charm. A lazy lab named Tequila greets guests with a few sniffs before returning to her nap on the sunny patio. Owner, Mark, provides excellent hospitality, including home made muffins, steaming hot coffee and a healthy dose of hilarious sarcasm. We instantly felt right at home.

One of our favorite things about this charming Sedona getaway, was our view. The Cozy Cactus has some of the best views in all of Sedona. One evening we picked up Italian take out and enjoyed our dinner on the back patio, listening to quails calling out in the tall grass nearby. After dinner we enjoyed drinks around the fire pit. We watched as the last of the day’s light dipped behind the red rocks, ushering in a magical night sky, full of dazzling stars.

In addition to the breathtaking views, The Cozy Cactus has one other extra special trick up her sleeve. Just past the gate on the back patio, guests have direct access to trails. It really is a dream location, especially if you love to hike! If hiking isn’t your thing, you aren’t too far from the rest of Sedona. Some of our favorites include the Tlaquepaque Arts and Shopping Village, Coffee Pot Restaurant and a star gazing tour with Evening Sky Tours.

A Quaint Sedona Getaway

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