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Welcome to the AMP Blog!

Welcome to the blog!


I glanced across the restaurant and was surprised to see my childhood friend, Derek, who I hadn’t seen in years. We’d spent our summers as children running around the soap box derby track and if you’re a derby person you know that the people you meet in derby are more life family than just friends. As I bounded across the restaurant to say hello, what I didn’t know was that Derek and Heather were on their first date. (I turned bright red when I found that out – believe me. Way to interrupt that sweet moment Ali.) But I quickly saw that Heather was full of grace and so very kind and I liked her instantly. Of course, back then on that first date none of us knew that these two would be getting married and that I’d be their wedding photographer, but I sure am glad it worked out that way!


Pretty Pastel Spring Wedding | Portland, Indiana | Heather + Derek