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Welcome to the AMP Blog!

Welcome to the blog!


As a little girl I remember walking through the dining room, always pausing to look at the old photos inside my mom’s china cabinet. The faces staring back at me were those of my grandparents – posing for their anniversary. My grandmother wore her favorite purple dress. My great grandparents were there too, their photo in black and white. My great grandmother, whose middle name is the same as my own, looked back at me with through eyes that even in black and white are clearly the same shade of brown as mine.


Say Yes to Photo Sessions | Our Dry Lake Bed Anniversary Session | Las Vegas, Nevada


As the bouquet flew up and then back down towards the group of excited girls, I smiled as my shutter clicked. Emily’s sister, Rachael had caught the bouquet. The two sisters immediately hugged and laughed together. After all, tradition says that whomever catches the bouquet will be the next in line to marry. In this case, that tradition will live on.


Rachael + Seth | Falls Park Engagement Session | Pendleton, Indiana


Ten years ago this week under the branches of a tall oak tree Zach officially asked me to be his girlfriend. I was only nineteen then and I had no idea of the life that would unfold for us as the years went by.


Ten Years Later | A Decade of A&Z