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Welcome to the AMP Blog!

Welcome to the blog!


A few months ago, my husband, Zach, and I traveled to Las Vegas for a wedding. While most of our trip was spent with the bride and groom, we did manage to sneak away for one day to explore the Las Vegas Strip. My photo gear is pretty heavy, so I decided to leave it in the safe in our room for the day while we hit the town. That meant that my only tool for photographing our day’s adventure was my iPhone 7 Plus. I was asked to share some tricks that I used to capture all of the awesome sights in Vegas using only my smartphone!


Capturing Vegas | 5 Tips for Getting Awesome Smartphone Photos in Las Vegas


When Kyle and Jennifer first told me that they had decided on having their wedding in Las Vegas on April Fools Day, I almost didn’t believe them, especially when Jennifer pointed out that their initials spelled out “J/K.” But soon enough I found myself being high-fived by a delightful Delta pilot named Peewee as we prepared for take off. Our destination? Vegas, baby!

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Jennifer + Kyle | Las Vegas + Red Rock Wedding | Las Vegas, Nevada


As a little girl I remember walking through the dining room, always pausing to look at the old photos inside my mom’s china cabinet. The faces staring back at me were those of my grandparents – posing for their anniversary. My grandmother wore her favorite purple dress. My great grandparents were there too, their photo in black and white. My great grandmother, whose middle name is the same as my own, looked back at me with through eyes that even in black and white are clearly the same shade of brown as mine.


Say Yes to Photo Sessions | Our Dry Lake Bed Anniversary Session | Las Vegas, Nevada