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Welcome to the AMP Blog!

Welcome to the blog!


Katie + Jacob Living in Indiana it is not uncommon for the weather to be rainy and cold during the fall. However each year there is that one perfect late fall day that has the beautiful autumn weather. The sun shines all day, there is a light breeze and every now and then leaves will […]

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Sycamore Farm Bloomington Wedding | Bloomington, Indiana | Katie + Jacob


Katie quite literally danced her way into my life. As a guest at a wedding I shot back in June (shout out to Kirby and Steven!) I remember Katie dancing up a storm to a song from Hairspray. A whirlwind of blonde hair and polka dots, I loved her energy right away. So when I got an email from Katie saying that she was recently engaged, I did a happy dance of my own! 


Oliver Winery Engagement Session | Bloomington, Indiana | Katie + Jacob