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What’s in My Wedding Detail Kit

When I first began my wedding photography career, I found myself in some.. not so pretty locations on wedding day mornings. Places like dark church basements with wood paneling and green carpet. Or hotel lobbies with sticky glass top coffee tables and orange and purple patterned chairs. It was nearly impossible to achieve those dreamy, pretty detail photos to match the rest of the wedding day photos, especially in a time crunch. I knew something had to change if I wanted to bring this part of the wedding experience I give my couples up to par. And so I began putting together my wedding detail kit!

Nov 22


Indianapolis Wedding Photographer Alison Mae Photography types on laptop at The Lemonbar in Zionsville


The Best Websites for Wedding Photographers

As wedding photographers, we wear a lot of hats. And while we’d love to spend all of our time behind the camera, that’s just not the case. At the end of the day we are small business owners. And with that comes a boat load of tasks that need taken care of. So how do […]

Jul 23



My Favorite Wedding Reception Lighting Gear

There was a time in my photography journey when the very thought of using flash scared the pants off of me. I avoided using it at all costs, because let’s face it: it can be intimidating. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a super technical photographer. I’ve always preferred to “shoot […]

Jun 20


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5 Tips for Rain on Your Wedding Day

The day is perfectly planned. The decorations are ready to go and the all of the RSVP’s have been turned in to your caterer. Your dress is perfectly altered and hanging in your best friends closet across town so that your fiance won’t accidentally catch a glimpse. And then you see it. Rain in the […]

Jun 20


Wedding Day Photography Timeline Templates

Not sure where to start with your wedding day photography timeline? I'm here to help!

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