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Why We’re Obsessed with Sunset Portraits


Why We’re Obsessed with Sunset Portraits

Whenever I sit down with a couple to work on their wedding day timeline, I always encourage them to consider setting aside time for some sunset portraits. The light during the golden hour is unlike any other light of the day! It is SO dreamy and perfect for romantic portraits. Best of all? You only need about fifteen minutes for sunset portraits. How fabulous is that?

So when is “golden hour?” you ask. It’s this sweet little spot between an hour and a half and thirty minutes before sunset. Most wedding day portraits are done much earlier in the day, which is great too! But the golden hour brings it’s own level of magic that is just perfect for portraits!

But how do you sneak away during your wedding for sunset portraits? Well, every wedding is unique so it depends on your timeline. However, my favorite time to plan for sunset portraits is during dinner. Typically the bride and groom eat first, so once you are done we can sneak away for a few minutes. No one will even notice that you are missing!

As an added bonus, this is the perfect opportunity to just slow down and enjoy your day together. After we capture the photos we need, I like to put my camera down and step away, giving you a few minutes to just be present with one another. This is something that I think is so important on your wedding day!

Check out some of my favorite sunset portraits below! And if you’re wondering when the sunset will be on your wedding day, use this sunset calculator to find out.


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