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Tips For Planning Your Wedding Flowers


Tips For Planning Your Wedding Flowers 

I don’t consider myself a green thumb in any way. I adore flowers but they are just not my specialty. However, there are some incredible florists out there who understand flowers and can truly make them sing on your wedding day. Elizabeth with Satin & Stems is one of them! Today she is sharing some of her best tips for planning your wedding flowers on the AMP blog.

Thank you so much Alison for inviting me to write for your blog!

When we all start out thinking about our wedding, flowers are big parts of the inspiration pictures that we see. Now, people mostly fall in about 3 categories: 

“I’m not very in to flowers but they are pretty”, 

“Flowers in a wedding are a necessity and I just want everything to look beautiful”, 

and   “I looooveeee flowers!!! How many can I get?”

All of these versions are great clients, but sometimes the latter two can be disheartened when they start getting quotes. Flowers are expensive.  One quick look into why is that there are so many people necessary in creating, shipping and designing with them. However, I’m here to tell you that with the right outlook on budget and knowing what is most important to you, we florists can help steer you toward the items that fit to your budget and how to add higher wow factors to still create a certain dream look. Here are some things you can start thinking about:

 Peonies– (very popular)  These are not available all year, and some seasons they are attainable, but at a cost you may not be willing to pay. Consider asking for    Garden Roses! These ruffled roses give a very similar look to the Peony. 

 All Greenery– I really hate to burst any bubbles, but this is not a “cheaper” way to do it. In some circumstances, adding some simplicity with greenery is less costly, but a 12 foot long garland with lush greens in a variety of Eucalyptus stems takes a long time to trim and wire.  Therefore, there’s just as much cost as that centerpiece of flowers. Here is a version I give some clients, consider doing a center garland of about 5 foot in length with tall candles. Then do the big , lush garland on the sweetheart table or head table. 

 Variety: Be willing to mix up your tables! This is a great way to get some of those tall dramatic Elevated Arrangements we all see on Pinterest in your space. Do a few of them scattered evenly through the room and then have a second option  ( or third for higher table counts) on the other tables. It will all sync together very nicely!


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