The Bridal Bouquet: Where to Start


The Bridal Bouquet: Where to Start

Believe it or not, your bridal bouquet isn’t just something you hold on your wedding day. It’s an extension of you in many ways! Maybe you go with the first flower he brought you on a first date. Or you select the flowers your grandmother grew in her garden when you were a child. You may even go with a certain flower that reminds you of someone. No matter what you go with, it’s clear that your bridal bouquet will be so much more than just flowers. So where do you even begin when it comes to your bouquet?

Pick a Style

There are a lot of bouquet styles out there and trends come and go. But it’s important to determine what style YOU like! Natural, crescent, cascade, pageant.. there are so many kinds of bouquets! Once you have a general idea of what you like, you will be able to move forward with hiring a florist who frequently creates this style of bouquet!

Hire Your Dream Florist

I absolutely recommend hiring a stellar florist. A good florist will be able to walk you through what you will be able to create based on your budget. Elizabeth from Satin & Stems speaks on that here. There are so many wonderful florists in the Indianapolis area. In addition to Satin & Stems, some of my other favorite florists include Special Occasion Designs, Vineyard Flower Co., Leffel Florals, and A Bride’s Choice Florist.

Seasonal Options

As you are scrolling through Pinterest in search of the perfect blooms, another thing to keep in mind when selecting your florals is the season! When Zach and I got married, I was so sad when I realized that the flowers I had my heart set on were out of season by a few weeks. Check with your florist about what options you have when it comes to seasonal flowers as well as what flowers will hold up in the climate where you are getting married.






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