Should You Hire a Wedding Videographer?


Should You Hire a Wedding Videographer?

So many of my couples ask me if they should hire a wedding videographer. 100% of the time, my answer is a resounding YES! Wedding videography is totally different from wedding photography, but equally important. And while I don’t personally offer videography, my friends over at Everett Pictures do! So I thought why not have a real life wedding videographer weigh in on the matter. Here’s what Emily from Everett Pictures has to say!

From Emily:

So you’re planning your wedding. [Woot, woot!] You’ve booked your venue, hired your photographer, and picked out your dress. “Wait, should we hire a videographer?”

First, let me ease your mind. You’re not alone in asking the question. We get asked all the time, and there’s really no right or wrong answer. I want to provide some tips to help with your decision, but ultimately, know that your wedding day is going to be the best day – if you hire a videographer or if you don’t hire a videographer. Phew.

Watch Some Films

The first thing you should absolutely do is watch some wedding films. Maybe you recently went to a friend’s wedding and they just posted their film. Watch it! And then watch some more. Watch some of couples you know and some of couples you don’t. [It’s not creepy — I promise!] See if they resonate with you and get a grasp of what exactly the films have to offer.

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Talk to Your Friends

Next – talk to your married friends! Ask what they did and what their reflections are. I have talked to so many couples who didn’t have a videographer and wished that they did. Hear them out! Talk to your friends who did have a videographer about what they love [or don’t love] about their film. Ask them if they feel that it’s valuable to have a film in addition to photos and, if so, what it adds specifically when they look back on their day.

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Run the Numbers

Finally, crunch some numbers. Create a potential budget for a videographer and get a range of quotes from local videographers. Putting the decision in terms of hard facts and real numbers will help you make a decision that you can feel confident about.

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Read the Reviews

All in all, my advice is this: talk to people. Talk to your friends, your family, wedding professionals, and – of course – your fiance. To get you started, here’s what some of our couples [and friends] have said:

“Having a videographer was one of the best wedding decisions we made. My husband and I love watching our video because we get to see moments and perspectives that we would never have gotten to see if not for the video. On a day that turns out to be such a whirlwind, having a videographer that makes you feel comfortable and takes time to understand your vision is something you’ll get to cherish long after the day is over.”

“My husband and I have been married for 15 years. We had our wedding filmed and at the time that was not as popular as it is today. We now have four children and every year on our anniversary, they ask to watch our wedding video – I’m not joking! Our four-year-old always cries because she ‘doesn’t like to see daddy cry.’ It’s so special for us to be able to share our wedding with them and for them to engage with the day more than just in photos.”

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One thing I always tell people is this: Your wedding photos are so special. They will hang in your living room. They’ll sit on your desk at work. They’ll be in your photo album. They truly are treasures. But don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear your maid-of-honor’s speech again or watch that one tear fall down your dad’s face as you two danced. Motion is a beautiful, valuable, and important piece of our memories – let’s capture it!

Be sure to swing on over to the Everett Pictures website and check out more of their work! In the meantime, click here for more wedding tips!

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