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Every now and again, Zach and I are lucky enough to indulge in travel for work. This particular adventure took us to the Jersey Shore in Long Branch, New Jersey. Now, I am not one to do things in any traditional fashion, so we avoided the crowds and visited at sunrise. We had the beach to ourselves, sharing it only with a lone fisherman. It was the perfect way to remember our Jersey Shore getaway!

The gentle waves crashed gently against the shore. The sky was cotton candy pink and it illuminated the New York City skyline sparkling in the distance. Seagulls soared overhead and for an hour or so, we left the world behind. Just what we needed.

The next time you plan a vacation, be sure to hire a photographer to document your special trip! It’s such a unique way to look back on a special chapter in your life! Get dressed up and just go for it! If you’re not one for the crowds, you might consider waking up before dawn and heading down to the beach! It is worth the early wake up call, I promise! Plus after watching the sun come up, a breakfast date is always fun!

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Couple dancing on the beach at the Jersey Shore

Our Jersey Shore Getaway

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