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I love when my couples share their pets with me during engagement sessions and weddings. It’s an absolute guarantee that I will love your dog or cat as much as my own! But I thought that the time has come for you all to meet our girls!

For as long as I can remember, animals have been a huge part of my life. I’ve always had pets and couldn’t imagine not having them around. There’s just something about animals that sings to my soul. A deep connection that I can’t explain. I just feel more at home around animals, so it’s no surprise that my house is full of them!

A few years ago, I was chatting with a new acquaintance. I was excitedly sharing about my girls when she stopped me. “FOUR pets?!” she asked, clearly shocked. “That’s a lot of … energy… to have around.” For a second, my heart sunk and I felt embarrassed. But then it occurred to me. Some people just don’t get it. It is a lot of energy. A lot of positive, happy energy. Aside from Willow (who was given to us as a wedding present, not even kidding) each of our girls are rescues. And we are able to give them a safe, loving home. Our house if full of joy, snuggles and happy creatures who have found their forever home. And that’s the kind of energy I am all about!

Willow and Nova

As I mentioned above, Willow was a wedding gift. I know, I know. It sounds a little strange but she was truly the best wedding gift we received! You see, before Zach and I got married, I was pretty against getting a dog. I had never had one and much preferred the company of cats. But Zach had grown up with dogs and would frequently check in to see if I had changed my mind. Finally I promised that we could get a dog after the wedding under one circumstance. It had to be a husky.

The day Zach went back to work following our honeymoon one of his coworkers casually asked if he’d like a puppy. “Call it a wedding present” he said. Hesitant, Zach asked what kind of dog. “Oh, a husky.” Talk about meant to be! We picked Willow Blu out the day she was born and I went from zero to full blown dog mom over night. Willow is smart, intense and 100% Zach’s girl. She doesn’t do anything she doesn’t want to do, which I secretly respect about her. She puts on a tough act but she’s just a big softy.

Nova came to us by way of a bull dog rescue. She had been living in an abusive situation and thankfully the right people intervened and got her to safety. As soon as we found out about her, we dropped everything and drove across state lines to pick her up. Nova is soft, gentle and my constant shadow. She is truly my girl. She fills our home with her “woos” and really loves Clementine, even if Clementine doesn’t always love her back.

Clementine and Elayne

Clementine is the big boss around here. She may be the tiniest, but she calls the shots. She demands to be carried around and howls louder than either of our huskies ever have. She’s equal parts questionable and cute, and we like her that way.

Elayne. Laynie. Laynie Bug. Bug. This sweet girl has had more names than I can count in the thirteen years we have had her. She is our little old lady cat who is gentle and calm. She keeps to herself until it’s bedtime when she has no personal space at all.

If you’re an animal lover like me, be sure to check out my favorite dog friendly wedding venues in the Indianapolis area! Or make a donation to the humane society today!

Meet Our Girls

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