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Dog Friendly Photo Locations Around Indianapolis


Dog Friendly Photo Locations Around Indianapolis

It’s no secret that I love dogs, so I especially love it when my couples opt to bring their dogs to their session! But not every location is dog friendly or safe for your pup. And if you’re like me, their safety during your session is so important! Well don’t worry, I’ve got you! Here are my favorite dog friendly photo locations around Indianapolis!

Coxhall Gardens

Coxhall Gardens in Carmel is a sprawling park with a manicured garden, large amphitheater, willow trees, ponds and more! It is such a beautiful place with lots of options for photos. Plus it isn’t near any busy roads and there is plenty of room to space out so your dog isn’t distracted by other dogs passing by! We even had our own family photos taken there recently!


Holcomb Gardens

Holcomb Gardens is another favorite of mine because it’s a little off the beaten path. Tucked deep into the Butler University campus, it’s a great place to explore with your dogs!

Holcomb Gardens Engagement SessionEngagement Photos with Your Dog

Holliday Park

I don’t have any example of doggos at Holliday park just yet, but it is a really great place to bring them! It’s a peaceful park inside of a neighborhood in Indy!

Holliday Park Engagement Session

Falls Park (Pendleton)

I live in Pendleton, so I end up doing a lot of sessions at Falls Park! But I’m not sad about it. Falls Park is beautiful and has a lot to offer! From the stunning falls area that sings at sunset to the proximity to darling downtown Pendleton, Falls Park has it all! There are even really nice trails hidden in the back entrance of the park that are great to explore with your dog as it’s typically pretty empty back there.

Downtown Noblesville

Downtown Noblesville is a great choice if you aren’t into the nature vibe, but don’t want to navigate downtown Indy with your pup. These sidewalks are calm and the the downtown area of Noblesville is just so cute!

Hopefully this list will help you narrow down the best place for your engagement session with your dogs! Be sure to also check out my best advice for bringing your dog to your session here!




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