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Bridal Detail Checklist

The morning of your wedding is going to be filled with hair and makeup, music, laughter and fun! This is a time to relax with your favorite girls, turn on your best playlist and maybe enjoy a mimosa. Having all of these items gathered together for when I arrive will keep you in the moment!  Plus, I can come in, give you a giant hug and get right to work! This bridal detail list is in no way everything you absolutely must have photographed, but it will give you ideas!

Invitation Suite

The invitation suite might seem like an unusual suspect for your bridal details checklist, but it is actually one of the most important! Your invitation suite will help me as I start to weave your colors in through out your detail photos. Plus, it’s part of the story. This is usually one of the first photos that I take and I build off of it! If you have an extra copy of your invitation suite, address it as you would to a guest (a lot of couples use their parents) and include it – unsealed – with the rest of your details. If you’re looking for beautiful wedding invitations, be sure to check out Noteworthy Expressions!

Pro tip: Ask your florist to send a few loose florals with your bouquet when it is delivered. This will allow me to really bring all of your detail photos to life – but especially invitation suite photos!

Wedding Invitations

Indianapolis Wedding

The Dress + Hair Pieces

Photographing your dress before you put it on is one of the most popular wedding detail shots, and with good reason! Your dress is a huge part of your wedding day! And this is all the more reason to show your dress some love by selecting a nice hanger for it to live on up to and on your wedding day. It’s too pretty for one of those flimsy plastic hangers, even a sturdy wooden hanger will do! Not to worry, if you don’t have one I keep a few extras in my bag, but having one that is special to you long after the wedding is a great option!

I’ll also be sure to grab some shots of any hair pieces you have! Veils, clips or flower crowns: whatever your style I am thrilled to photograph it!


Columbia Club Wedding Indianapolis

Your Shoes

Be sure to include your shoes! It doesn’t matter if you have a simple flat, a classic heel or a statement pump – this detail really helps tie everything together.

Check out this bridal detail checklist

Your Rings

You may think it’s important to have the best man hold on to the rings prior to the ceremony, but it is actually better if you keep them with you on the morning of the wedding! This way I can photograph your rings earlier in the day with the rest of your details. After I am finished, I will coordinate with your maid of honor to make sure they get safely into the hands of the best man!

Bridal Detail Checklist

 Your Perfume

This one is just fun! Think of it this way: if you buy a new perfume special for your wedding day, your wedding will be forever tied to that scent! Kind of cool, right? My personal favorite is Burberry Brit!

Wedding Perfume

Other Jewelry

Don’t forget things like earrings or necklaces!

Pro Tip: Make sure the chains from necklaces don’t have any knots in them! This can really slow down your getting ready process!

Bridal Detail Checklist


This could include things like your borrowed and blue, vows, a family ring or gifts from your soon to be hubby!

Wedding Keepsakes

 Your Bouquet

Instead of having your flowers delivered to the wedding venue, make sure to have them delivered to you! Having this on site will allow us to use it for not only detail photos but your bridal portraits or first looks as well. Especially if you are not getting ready at your venue! This is one of the most important things to add to your bridal details checklist!

Colorful Wedding Bouquet


I hope this bridal detail checklist has helped! And just remember, your bridal details are always totally up to you! This is just a list to get your ideas flowing!


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Bridal Detail Checklist – What to Have Ready for When Your Photographer Arrives

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