Engagement Session Outfit Tips


Engagement Session Outfit Tips

If you are looking for engagement session outfit tips, this blog is is for you! Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite tips for getting the best look for your engagement session. Figuring out what to wear can be daunting, but I’m here to help walk you through it.

1.) Movement

My absolute best style tip for engagement sessions? Find a dress that flows! I love adding movement into the poses we will do, so having a flowy dress or skirt is perfect for this. It just adds so much life to the photos! Plus, flowy skirts and dresses are incredibly flattering.

Disney Engagement Session

2.) Pastels and Neutrals

One of the questions I am asked most is what color you should wear. My best advice here is to stick to soft pastels or neutrals. These colors generally look best in any environment and with any skin tone.  You’ll want to avoid vivid or neon colors because they tend to reflect on the skin. If you like the bright and soft look, pastels and neutrals are the way to go!

Holcomb Gardens Engagement Session

3.) Heels for Her

I love a good pair of heels, especially for an engagement session! Heels elongate the leg, even if it’s just a small kitten heel. Be sure to bring an extra pair of flats for walking to locations between photos!

Coxhall Gardens Engagement Session

4.) Suit and Tie for Him

Listen up, guys.. this one is for you! You truly can’t go wrong with a suit and tie. It is a classic look that will never go out of style. If you don’t have one, now is the perfect time to invest. We bought Zach a couple of suits a few years ago and he wears them all the time. If you don’t have a suit, consider a jacket or blazer paired with a nice pair of dress pants.

5.) Coordinate

It might be tempting to make your outfits match, but this is a slippery slope! I’d advise to aim to coordinate, not to match exactly. This will give you the most cohesive look on camera. You should each wear a separate dominate color to avoid matching too much. Be sure to keep them in the same color family and you are good to go! For example: if she wears a soft pink dress, he could wear a grey suit and light brown shoes, like in the photo below that was taken at Newfields in the spring.

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