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Meet Lisa Noris Events | Your Dream Wedding Coordinator

As you are planning your wedding, a question you might be asking yourself is “Do I really need a wedding coordinator?” In fact, as a wedding a photographer I am asked my opinion on this pretty frequently. I have seen weddings with and with out coordinators, and I can assure you, having a great wedding coordinator is 100% worth it! Think of it as a wedding gift you give yourself!

We were in the middle of bridal portraits. The bride was beaming ear to ear, eager to marry the love of her life. And then.. a frantic family member appeared. “Where do you want this tablecloth?” they shouted. Her smile immediately faded and stress crept across her face. She was jolted right out of that carefree moment. She had to figure out where on earth to put that tablecloth instead of enjoying the moment.

This sweet bride spent the rest of her wedding day reexplaining things to well meaning family members instead of soaking in the magic of her big day. It was during this wedding that I saw first hand how important it is to have a wedding coordinator and I’ve been a cheerleader for them ever since! I have several wedding coordinators I recommend to couples, but one of my absolute favorites is Lisa Norris Events!

Lisa is such a sweet soul. From the second I met her I felt like I had known her for years. She has that effect on people. Lisa is joyful and kind and will always go the extra mile to love her clients well, even if it may not be in her job description. Lisa truly cares, and for me – that sets her apart. She has this incredible eye for detail. In fact, you should see her perfectly organized wedding day emergency kit. It is impressive! On top of that, Lisa has an amazing team and they tackle any issues that may arise with grace. Trust me, you will be thankful you have them in your corner on your big day!

When Lisa isn’t helping her couples with their beautiful weddings, she can probably be found spending time with her family or her pets. Lisa regularly fosters cats of all kinds – can you tell I adore her? In fact, Lisa also fully welcomes couples to include their pets on their wedding days! Click here to contact Lisa today. Or if you’d like for me to reach to check if she is available on your date, feel free to reach out to me here!

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