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Rattlesnake Ridge Elopement Styled Session

It’s funny what spending a few hours in nature can do. I had video chatted with Mary Beth and Trent and communicated a few times over text, but for the most part when we arrived for this session, we didn’t know each other. When we started our hike, we were strangers. By the time we finished our 1,469 foot climb, we were friends. The hike to the top of Rattlesnake Ridge took a few hours, but we had a great time talking, laughing and stopping to save an occasional slug who had made its way to the middle of the trail.

Mary Beth and Trent are super passionate about where they live, and with good reason! These two love to spend time outdoors and regularly climb mountains for fun so this session was just perfect for them! In fact, I didn’t even have to ask them to climb onto the giant boulder in the middle of Rattlesnake Lake at the base of the mountain. Within seconds Trent was out in the water and climbing on to the rock, with Mary Beth right behind him!

When we got to the top of Rattlesnake Ridge, Trent and Mary Beth changed into their photoshoot attire which gave Zach and I chance to catch our breath! From there, we all explored the top of the ridge and spent some time taking romantic photos. This part was easy for Mary Beth and Trent because they are so ridiculously cute together! The view was stunning but being able to photograph Mary Beth and Trent in such a lovely place was remarkable!

On our hike down it started to rain. This was the only time we really experienced rain while in the Seattle area believe it or not! When we got to the bottom, Mary Beth and Trent surprised Zach and I by inviting us to dinner. These two are such sweethearts that they wanted to take us someplace really special and they sure did! They had us follow them through the sleepy town of Snoqualmie, Washington and to The Salish Lodge! Now, for those of you who don’t know, Snoqualmie Falls is a PNW destination all on its own. The waterfall is massive! And while they did have it lit up, it was dark so I couldn’t get a very good photo. But please do yourself a favor and google Snoqualmie Falls!

We enjoyed dinner at The Attic at The Salish Lodge. We had the most delicious locally sourced Steelhead Trout and blood orange cider. As we finished our meals, our stomachs were full and so were our hearts. Zach and I are so thankful to have connected with Mary Beth and Trent during our PNW adventure. If you’d like to connect with them too (and you should, they are awesome!) you can follow along on their adventures over on their blog – Two Rambling Souls!

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Rattlesnake Ridge Elopement

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