Practicing Presence | Two Weeks Away from Social Media


All the experts say you need to post once a day to keep your followers engaged. You need to pick a color story for your instagram feed. You need to be consistant. You need to use thirty hashtags. You need to engage. You need to be the first to post. You need to use stories. You need to slide into DMs. You need to. You need to. You need to.

But what if you don’t?

Two weeks ago I was walking through this lavender field at the base of the Olympic Mountains. I was with my best friend and husband, Zach and the sun was shining. It was one of those moments in life when you wish time could stand still. It was breathtaking.

And then I got a notification on my phone reminding me to post on Instagram.


As a creative, Instagram has become this incredible tool for growing my business and I love it. But in recent months I’ve been noticing the hold it has on myself and other wedding industry professionals. It has cultivated this competitive atmosphere and I am so not loving it. Who can post something first? Who can post the better image? Who can get more followers, more likes? The competition will run you ragged if you let it. Plus, it’s all too easy to fall into the rabbit hole of spending way too long on your phone or computer – focusing more on what’s going  down on the gram instead of what is happening in front of you. And right there in that lavender field I made the decision that I didn’t want that. I ignored that notification and just kept going on with my real life.

And oh, did real life deliver. These past two weeks have been jam packed with some really special moments – moments that I might have missed had I been worried about what was going on over on social media. I had two pretty major life events happen back to back and I am so glad I was able to soak them up entirely. Visiting the Pacific Northwest has been number one on my bucket list since childhood so being able to explore there was mind blowing. But what was even cooler? The people! From connecting with friends we’ve known for years to making new ones, each couple we met up with showed us what they love about Washington and that made is super special for me. Making those genuine connections just cannot be topped!

After we got home from our trip, we had less than 24 hours to prepare for my sister’s arrival from Barcelona. My sister Alisha, brother in law, Josh and sweet nephew, Asher have lived in Barcelona for the past two years so it was so important that I soak up family time while they were here. (You can see photos from their time with us here) My nephew was just over a year old when they moved across the ocean so I loved being able to be present and make memories with him.

Being able to spend two weeks disconnecting was incredible! I’ll still be on Instagram of course, but I’ve learned that I don’t have to participate in that race. Slowing down and being present has been such a great choice – you should try it too!

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