The Daddy Daughter First Look


The Daddy Daughter First Look

First looks are quickly growing in popularity (and with good reason – they’re awesome! Read more about them and why you might want to have one here.) But first looks are not just for grooms. As a wedding photographer I have seen first looks done with bridesmaids, brothers and even grandmas. But one of my very favorite first looks? The daddy daughter first look.

If you’re not sure what a first look is, it’s a special time set aside on a wedding day for a bride to show her full bridal look to someone in her life that means a lot to her. It’s always a super sweet moment to see and have captured!

I’m super close with my dad so I can understand why a lot of brides are opting to share a first look with their dads! Be sure to let your photographer and wedding planner know that you would like to do one so that you can reserve time in your timeline for it. (Pro tip – make sure to do it while your makeup artist is still there!) And if you’re still not sure if the daddy daughter first look is for you, I’ve shared some inspiration photos below! Grab the tissues!

daddy daughter first lookBride with her dad on wedding dayFather seeing his daughter on wedding dayFather daughter first lookDaddy daughter first look on wedding day



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