Wedding Cake Alternatives


Wedding Cake Alternatives

Wedding cakes are a classic option to serve your guests. They are delicious and some cakes can even be works of art! I’m currently really loving hand painted wedding cakes. If you don’t know what those are be sure to the check them out here. But what if cake isn’t your thing? More and more couples are breaking from the mold and opting to highlight their favorite goodies at their wedding instead of a cake and these ideas are pretty sweet!

Ice Cream

From ice cream sandwiches to the classic ice cream sundae, I’ve seen ice cream becoming more and more popular at weddings! I’m a sucker for anything ice cream so I love this trend! Just make sure to have a team of people on hand to serve up this yummy treat fast or you’ll have a melty mess on your hands – literally!

Wedding Cake Alternatives Ice Cream Sandwich


This treat has been around for a few years now and continues to keep wedding guests happy! It’s a great way to give people options for picking flavors and you can still get a small cake for you and your husband/wife to cut. Win, win!

Wedding dessert ideas cupcakes


First of all, I just need to say that wedding cookies are the cutest! Wether you opt for the classic chocolate chip or go for custom cookies these little sweet treats make a big impact and go over well with guests. Bonus: they’re hand held and easy to eat while on the dance floor! If you’re looking for a custom cookie – check out Simply Patisserie or Pretty Baked Bakery.

Wedding Cake Alternatives

Custom Cookies


I love a good donut wall. It’s such a fun way to display a beloved treat! You can keep it simple like the photo below or go for some colorful options! If you are looking for a great bakery in the Indianapolis area, check out Titus Bakery!

Wedding cake alternatives donut wall


Pie is climbing the ranks in popularity when it comes to a wedding day treat! Some couples even opt for a table full of different flavored pies instead of sticking to just one. Or you could serve the bride and groom’s personal favorite flavors. SO MANY OPTIONS!

Wedding pie - wedding cake alternatives

Wedding cake alternatives

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