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welcome to the AMP blog! I'm Ali, a wedding photographer based out of Indianapolis, Indiana. Here, I'll be sharing love stories, adventures with my amazing husband and a little bit about what life looks like when you follow your dreams! 

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Why We Choose Not to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

I’m a wedding photographer so I obviously love love. It inspires me and I love seeing couples celebrate on Valentine’s Day. But Zach and I do things a little differently. Instead of going out to dinner or exchanging gifts, we save our money and go on a fun trip each year! We try to go on our trip around our anniversary in May if we can and love the quality time we are able to spend together. Because we didn’t spend money on chocolates or flowers we spend that money on kayak rentals or distillery tours. Some of our favorite locations so far include the upper peninsula of Michigan, Hocking Hills, Ohio and Nashville, Tennessee. We also recreate one of our wedding photos each year and it’s come to be one of my favorite traditions!

P.S. The amazing photo below was taken by my friend, Kaylee of Kaylee Creighton Photography

Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Holland, Michigan

Nashville, Tennessee

Lover's Key, Florida


Marblehead, Ohio


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