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A Year in Review | 2018


2018 was a quiet year. No big trips were taken, no new homes were purchased, we didn’t adopt another dog and and neither of us had a milestone birthday. 2017 took care of all of that. Instead, 2018 was a year for building for Zach and I. We both set big goals for our careers and diligently worked towards them, we slowly made progress on our home – making it truly feel like our space, we made new friends and did our best to spend quality time with existing ones. We explored new places close to home (I’m looking at you, Fort Wayne) and watched a lot of 90’s sitcoms while we stayed home to save money. But while it was a quiet year.. my goodness was a it a good one. Below I’ve broken down some of my favorite moments/experiences/selfies/stories of the year – feel free to follow along!



I had my camera in my hands for most of the year – and I am not even a little bit sad about that. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to be able to do what I love every single day, so when I was looking back through my camera roll to find that most photos of me from 2018 were of me and my trusty Nikon, I felt it was important that I celebrate that fact!

Personal Favorites:

  • I bought a medium format film camera! It’s been nice getting back to my roots.
  • One of this year’s flower girls was a mini horse named Princess Minnie Pancakes and it was the best thing ever! Click here to check that wedding out!
  • I got to take my cousin Kacie’s senior photos!
  • I met the world’s most adorable llama – Squirt! We bumped into him while doing a session and it made my whole year!



We had so many amazing couples this year! I cannot even begin to express how ridiculously thankful I am that doing what I love has led me to some truly incredible humans. I wish I remembered to take more selfies on wedding days – but these are just a few! Also – during an engagement session at the Indianapolis Zoo a bird landed on me and I felt like a real life Disney Princess.

One of the highlights of 2018 for me was spending time with all of my wedding industry friends! Finding my tribe has been one of the biggest game changers in my business and I am so thankful for these ladies! In late 2017 I bumped into another photographer named Kaylee at a shoot and our friendship has grown into one of the best things in my life over the last year. It makes my heart so happy! Oh and I met Julie Paisley – for those of you don’t know she’s the Beyonce of the wedding industry so it was a pretty big deal. Haha.

Working every Saturday can make it pretty tricky to enjoy adventures with friends, but I was still able to sneak in a few this year! From day trips to Fort Wayne to exploring Ikea, we brought the fun with us wherever we went!

We adopted Nova in September of 2017, so 2018 was the year of us figuring out how to be a two dog household. Needless to say, Nova blends into our little zoo perfectly!

And speaking of Willow and Nova – we celebrated Willow’s 7th birthday and Nova’s 1st birthday in 2018!

In late spring we received a call that one of Willow’s original litter mates was in need of a home ASAP. I won’t go into specifics but this sweet boy was in desperate need of a loving home so we immediately agreed to foster him. Within hours (shortest foster ever) he was headed home with our good friends, Kyle + Jen, and has become one of Kokomo’s most spoiled dogs! He is so loved and gets to occasionally visit and spend time with Willow and Nova. It’s just the best!

Zach and I got to spend a lot of time with family this year which was awesome! My youngest cousin graduated from high school and started college at ISU, we hosted Thanksgiving for the first time, had lots of family dinner nights with my dad and of course – tons of Facetime calls with my nephew, Asher!

In September Zach attended the Microsoft conference in Orlando and I got to go with him! We explored, swam with dolphins and even accidentally ordered a whole fish (ew) – it was one of our favorite trips to date!

While in Orlando, we spent time at Disney and Universal Studios!

We spent a lot of time working on projects around our home over the past year.

Zach and I had tons of adventures in 2018! We went to some incredible concerts, drank a lot of coffee and checked out St. Elmo’s for the first time! Being married to your best friend means that anything can be an adventure and I love every second of it!

Two of my goals for 2018 were to be IN more photos and to read more inspirational books! One of my favorite reads this year was Yes Please by Amy Poehler – even if I am a bit behind on that.





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