Beautiful Fall Wedding on Family Property | Terre Haute, Indiana | Indiana Wedding Photographer | Bethany + Kevin


The first time I spoke with Bethany and Kevin, it was over a FaceTime call from their home in Hawaii. It was an exciting time in their lives with a new chapter on the horizon. Within a few weeks, they’d be moving to Dallas along with Kevin’s business, buying a new home and planning their wedding. What a year! But despite all of the changes happening, they remained focused on creating a wedding that was true to who they are. Something fun, meaningful and relaxed. Most importantly, they wanted to be surrounded by the people they love most, and their wedding day was exactly that!

Bethany and Kevin opted to get ready for their special day together. After all, they are best friends and spending time apart on their wedding day just didn’t make sense for them. Their parents and siblings surrounded them and helped them with the final touches as they finished getting ready. Before long, everyone headed to the ceremony location, a stunning piece of land owned by Kevin’s family called Nature’s Return. Nature’s Return is a peaceful place with tall pine trees welcoming you as you make your way down the path towards the Promise Trees where Bethany and Kevin would say their “I do’s.” Horses graze in a pasture nearby and just past the chicken coop you will find a sweet little spot called Grandpa’s Bee Garden. It’s a special place. It’s tranquil and calm. It’s a place that makes you feel like you’re apart of the family right away and I could see instantly why Bethany and Kevin had selected it for their wedding day.

Rain clouds danced across the sky through out the day, but never once did they slow down the celebration. Bethany and Kevin greeted their guests warmly before heading down the hill to stand beneath a canopy made of branches from each of their family properties and vibrant wildflowers. Guests gathered around as the ceremony began. Bethany’s dad played guitar and sang the most beautiful song, Kevin’s sister spoke and Bethany’s brother brought the rings – each having belonged to grandparents on each side.

Following the ceremony everyone made their way back up the hill to the reception. Tables were lined with wildflowers and card games to play as well as wedding photos from some of Bethany and Kevin’s favorite people. I loved looking at each of them! Guests enjoyed a delicious barbecue dinner and ice cream sandwiches for a treat! After dinner, speeches were given as well as a wonderful Banzai toast. Finally, Bethany and Kevin snuck away from their party for a few moments to soak in the fact that they were finally husband and wife, and pose for a few portraits. Kevin, a fellow photographer, had recently been given an old medium format camera as a gift. He carried it with him and even took a few portraits of his beautiful bride. What a cool moment!

The AMP team had an amazing day celebrating with Bethany, Kevin and their incredible families. Best wishes to the happy couple and their new chapter in Dallas – do big things and take tons of photos!

— Alison

Special thanks to these awesome vendors!

Flowers: Harvest Moon Flower Farm

Catering: The Butler’s Pantry