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Indianapolis Zoo Engagement Session | Julie + Ben | Indianapolis Wedding Photography

Indianapolis Zoo Engagement Session

Julie + Ben

When Julie and Ben first suggested they do their engagement session at the Indianapolis Zoo my first instinct was to jump up and down and shout YESSSSSSSS! But I quickly remembered that I am a professional. (Okay, so I might have done it anyway.) Celebrating with a couple in love with animals all around AND I get to photograph it? Where do I sign up?

Julie and Ben are such an easy going and fun couple to be around! As we started our session, rain clouds danced on the horizon, but that didn’t deter them one bit. We decided to do the first half of the session at Hilbert Conservatory, which is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! I photographed an amazing wedding here last year. Check it out here. As soon as we walked in the doors butterflies soared around us in every direction! My friend Kaylee of Kaylee Creighton Photography assisted me on this shoot (because she is amazing) and the four of us had a great time watching the butterflies and checking out the beautiful and lush plant life in the conservatory. We even witnessed one very brave butterfly allow us to take his photo with Julie’s engagement ring!

Once it was time to head into the zoo a full on rain storm had taken over the skies above Indianapolis. But with a couple of umbrellas in hand, we pressed on, determined to enjoy our time at the zoo regardless! I love that about Julie and Ben! We shared the zoo with lots and lots of children who were visiting on field trips so we had to quickly do each photo with lightening speed before little ones excitedly swarmed us. Julie and Ben were great sports about this and we all enjoyed watching the kids’ eyes light up with excitement! The day’s exploring included petting sharks, being surrounded by dolphins, hanging out with penguins, desert adventures, feeding birds and even cuddling less than a foot from a tiger! Yes, you read that right! Julie and Ben just might be my first and only couple to willingly cuddle up while a massive tiger was just inches away! But seriously – they are beautiful and powerful creatures (my favorite in fact) so being able to capture that moment was incredibly cool! See, I told you Julie and Ben are awesome!

Finally as we were leaving the zoo, the rain stopped! We decided to head over the river to get a few final photos with the skyline – after all, Indy is home to Julie and Ben! After we finished our session, these two headed on a walk across the city to enjoy a special anniversary dinner. What a fun way to spend the day celebrating! Rain or shine, I had a blast with these two (and Kaylee) and am so glad that we were able to enjoy a day at the zoo. I can’t wait for their wedding in the fall at The Biltwell!

– Alison

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