Fall Avon Gardens Wedding | Avon, Indiana | Josh + Scott


Walking into Avon Gardens is like stepping into another world. Carefully placed trees, flowers and shrubs line the brick paths as you wind your way through what can only be described as an enchanting wonderland. Candle wax drips freely from candelabras and lanterns hang from branches. The autumn leaves of tall, ancient trees pop like fireworks against the sky and wind chimes sing to the beat of the breeze. It was the perfect backdrop for Josh and Scott’s elegant fall wedding.

As guests found their seats, the ceremony began. Josh and Scott’s sisters each read a special passage which was very sweet and sentimental. And as Josh and Scott said their vows to one another under the branches of a massive poplar tree, the first snow flurries of the season fell from the sky. It was incredible!

Following a receiving line, everyone gathered in a heated tent to welcome Josh and Scott into their reception with cheers and applause. Speeches were given and Josh and Scott cut their gorgeous wedding cake, designed to look like a tree with their initials carved in the trunk. Finally, Josh and Scott shared their first dance under chandeliers and surrounded by those that they love most. It was beautiful.

This wedding was a special one for me. Josh (and now Scott and Scott’s son, Devin – yay!) is/are part of my family, so being able to see him find his person makes my heart so full. In my opinion, life is just too short to do anything other than spend it with the ones we love, no matter what. These two are the perfect match and happiness absolutely radiated from both of them all day long. I could not be happier for them.

Congratulations, Josh and Scott!

– Alison

Vendor Team

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