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Oliver Winery Engagement Session | Bloomington, Indiana | Katie + Jacob

Oliver Winery Engagement Session | Bloomington, Indiana |

Katie + Jacob

Katie quite literally danced her way into my life. As a guest at a wedding I shot back in June (shout out to Kirby and Steven!) I remember Katie dancing up a storm to a song from Hairspray. A whirlwind of blonde hair and polka dots, I loved her energy right away. So when I got an email from Katie saying that she was recently engaged, I did a happy dance of my own!

Katie and Jacob are perfect for each other. They have this amazing ability to find humor in everything, something that I feel will serve them so well in their marriage. As we explored the grounds of Oliver Winery we shared stories and I learned about their life together, but I also got a little glimpse into how relaxed they are around one another. It’s almost as though they’ve known each other for a lifetime already. They listen to each other intently, they make silly faces at each other when they don’t think anyone is looking, they build each other up and they laugh, oh they laugh. It’s fantastic and incredibly contagious!

Katie and Jacob’s wedding next fall is going to be an absolute blast! I can only imagine that the dance floor is going to be packed full all night long – especially if they play songs from Hairspray. 🙂

Congratulations Katie + Jacob!

– Alison


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