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Indianapolis Art Center Engagement | Broadripple, Indiana | Michael + Travis

Indianapolis Art Center Engagement | Broadripple, Indiana |

Michael + Travis

The Indianapolis Art Center was the perfect location for Travis and Michael’s engagement session! It was the first chilly day of the year, a welcome change from the sweltering heat that had been the norm in the days leading up to their session. It allowed all of to explore the grounds at ease, sharing stories and getting to know each other.

My favorite thing about these two is how much they make each other laugh. It is clear that they are so in love and totally live in the moment together. I had the opportunity to visit their home (where their wedding will be held!) prior to our session.  Being able to see all of the hard work, thought and love they put into building their home together was awesome! Plus, I got to meet their three little pups who immediately melted my heart!

Stay tuned for wedding photos of these handsome guys!

– Alison

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