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Minnetrista Wedding in Muncie, Indiana | Erynn and Daniel

Erynn and Danny – Travel Themed Garden Wedding at Minnetrista in Muncie, Indiana

One of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer is getting to meet new and fantastic people. I really mean it when I say I see all of my clients as friends and that is so true when it comes to Erynn and Danny. Not only are they absolutely hilarious, but they are both genuine, kind and so incredibly in love. And I mean that kind of love that people write books about. The kind of love that you just can’t forget. It’s magnetic and it’s so very beautiful.

Erynn and Danny’s wedding was filled with sunshine and sunflowers. Raindrops leftover from the giant storm the night before clung to the juniper bushes outside of Erynn’s childhood home as the bride and her bridesmaids got ready inside. Music flooded the beautiful house as bridesmaids and bride alike finished up last minute decorations and had their hair and makeup done. Erynn’s good friend and bridesmaid, Sharon, is a phenomenal hair and makeup artist and quickly had each lovely lady looking their best for the big day! Before long it was time for Erynn to get ready. Erynn’s sweet mom helped her into dress and they shared a few sentimental moments in front of the fireplace. Finally, Erynn put on her mother’s beautiful diamond ring, her something borrowed. From here on out, this ring is to be the something borrowed for all future weddings in their family- how special is that?

Next we were off to Minnetrista for the ceremony! My goodness, what a lovely venue! Erynn and Danny could not have picked a better space. As Erynn added the finishing touches to her bridal beauty, she sent bridesmaid and groomsmaid (is that the term? I’m going to go with it) Macin and Jaden to deliver a very special grooms survival kit to Danny. As he looked through each and every well thought out item in the basket, he laughed, smiled and looked at Macin and Jaden and told them that if they were ever looking for someone to emulate, that Erynn is the perfect person. I couldn’t agree more.

Next up was the first look. One of the best parts of the winding, wooded trails of Minnetrista is the fact that there are so many little private spots tucked away amongst the branches and brick. After a few quiet and emotional moments for the bride and groom, we made our way back to the cottage – making sure to stop occasionally for some photos of the beautiful couple. Soon it was time for the ceremony. With the bridal party tucked away, guests were welcomed by ushers – passing a suitcase of memories, globes and a travel themed canvas to sign before taking their seats.

Erynn was walked down the aisle by her father, where she met Danny under a sunflower covered arbor made by groomsman, Chase. Rick Vale officiated and did an excellent job of keeping things light hearted and best man and lifetime bestie of Danny, Ron, sang and played guitar as the bride and groom lit their unity candle and performed a Native American wedding vase ritual – a nod to Erynn’s heritage. After their handwritten vows – said through tears of joy and laughter – Rick pronounced them husband and wife! Their first kiss was met with cheers and guests waved ribbon wands as they made their way back up the aisle!

Their reception was located in a gallery on the second floor of Minnetrista. Guests were given boarding passes to find their seats and each table was themed after a different country – so clever! Tiny airplane confetti was sprinkled around the center pieces. The bridal party made their grand entrance, followed by the bride and groom. Each entrance pose more hilarious than the last! Danny gave a quick welcome speech and Erynn passed out sunflowers to the special family members that had made their day possible. The bride and groom cut their gorgeous wedding cake (a three tier cake with sunflowers cascading down the side) to get the party started.

After a delicious dinner catered by Johnny Carino’s, members of the bridal party gave speeches, as well as Erynn’s dad, Reid. One of Erynn’s maid of honors, Daniela, even sang part of her speech  to Erynn, which of course was beautiful! Daniela had lived with Erynn and her family as a foreign exchange student from Mexico for a year in high school, so she is more of a sister to Erynn than just a friend. It was so sweet! Next the couple shared their first dance to The Luckiest by Ben Folds. Maybe it’s because Zach and I danced to this at our wedding, or maybe it’s because I know why Erynn and Daniel chose it – but this first dance got me. I sure did have to wipe a few tears away from behind my camera as they danced. Watching Danny look at Erynn as they swept across the dance floor was like something from a modern day fairy tale and I know that everyone in the room that night felt it. After all, for years the universe had tried to get these two together. They first met at church years ago, their paths never quite crossing at the right time. They even showed up to the exact same Dr. Who premier – the exact same theatre – the exact same showing  – in a totally different town! What are the odds? Finally the timing was right when they found themselves both participating in a production at the local theatre, Mainstage. Since then they have gone on to star in several productions together, and their chemistry on stage is just as incredible as it is in real life.

Following some sunset photos and the bouquet and garter tosses, the party really got started and the dance floor quickly filled up! I have been fortunate enough to work with TWO “Mainstage couples” (shout out to Kirby and Steven!) so far this year and I can honestly say that there ain’t no party like a Mainstage party! The local theatre crowd knows how to have a blast and I cannot wait to work with them in their upcoming production of Alice in Wonderland later this year! There was such a positive energy all over that reception – everyone truly loved Erynn and Danny and their guests beamed with joy as they danced along side the happy couple. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to celebrate with these two and cannot wait to have a double date with them soon! Congratulations Erynn and Danny, I hope you’re having a blast in Mexico!

– Alison

Special thanks to the incredible creative team that helped to make Erynn and Daniel’s day possible!

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