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Say Yes to Photo Sessions | Our Dry Lake Bed Anniversary Session | Las Vegas, Nevada

As a little girl I remember walking through the dining room, always pausing to look at the old photos inside my mom’s china cabinet. The faces staring back at me were those of my grandparents – posing for their anniversary. My grandmother wore her favorite purple dress. My great grandparents were there too, their photo in black and white. My great grandmother, whose middle name is the same as my own, looked back at me with through eyes that even in black and white are clearly the same shade of brown as mine. My grandfather could be found in another frame – a young man proudly wearing his military uniform, his hat slightly askew. This was the only photo we had of him, and I treasured it.

I’ve always been curious about my ancestors. Perhaps this is because my grandparents passed away not long after that anniversary photo was taken. I was only three. My dad’s father disappeared twenty five years before I was born. I now have a copy of my grandparents’ anniversary photo on my piano. When I look at it I remember the way the sunlight poured into my grandmother’s kitchen through the open back door, the light catching dust specks as they drifted down onto the dark colored carpet. I remember her opening the freezer beneath her refrigerator (something I was very impressed by) and making sure to set aside jello for me before combining it with the fruit salad – which I did not like. I remember how she smelled. I remember the way she laughed. I remember her.

We tell ourselves we’ll do it next year, at Christmas or when we look just right. When we have the most flattering outfit, when we’re not so busy or when family is in town. When our hair is done just so and we have the perfect location. Then. Then we will get our photos made. But all too often then never comes. We get busy, life happens. Months turn into years and before you know it the only photos you have to showcase this amazing life of yours are on your smartphone. And while I love my iphone and constantly take photos with it, it’s just not the same magic as a portrait session devoted totally to you.

Photographs are powerful. They have the ability to transport us back in time, they help us remember loved ones who have left us too soon, and they tell our story. To share what we did with this oh so valuable time we’ve been given. What we loved, the places we loved and most importantly, who we loved.

So with this in mind, Zach and I decided that we would stop putting off having our photos made and saying “maybe next year.” While we were out in Vegas we drove about forty five minutes outside of the city to a dry lake bed where we met our incredible photographer, Megan of Megan G. Photography. I set aside my nerves and hesitation to have my photos taken (even photographers don’t like having their photos made sometimes – believe it or not) and just went with it. We had so much fun! It’s amazing the joy you can find if you just let go and step out of your comfort zone.  And the photos turned out to be incredible – Megan captured Zach and I just as we are at this stage in our lives, together, hand in hand and happy – which is exactly what I wanted.

This Sunday will mark six years of marriage and this month marks ten years total together. This is us and I am so glad I have the photos to show it.


  1. Kyle murphy

    May 27th, 2017 at 1:09 am

    Cutest couple ever!

  2. Kaylee Creighton

    August 6th, 2018 at 5:50 pm

    love you guys.

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