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Asher Turns One | Where the Wild Things Are

One year ago today something amazing happened. Halfway across the globe in Lithuania, my sweet little nephew entered the world. Little did I know that my heart had an Asher shaped hole just waiting to be filled. I had prayed for the safety of this little guy for so long, and now he had finally made his appearance. It would be a few months before I met him, but I will never forget the first time I saw him in person. It was as though my heart was magnetized to him. Somehow I don’t think that feeling will ever go away. I love being his Aunt Ali so very much.

I have watched sweet Asher grow up over Facetime calls with my sister. From scooting to crawling, to pulling himself up on things – he is growing so fast. He is trying new foods and is curious about everything. He is an easy going baby and loves to dance to Outkast with his daddy in the kitchen. He is handling teething like a champ and frequently makes clicking sounds when he is happy. He is absolutely adorable and melts the hearts of anyone he meets.

Zach and I were out in Las Vegas recently for a wedding and we were able to stay out west a few extra days and drive down to Phoenix where my sister and brother in law are living currently. (I will be writing about our trip in another blog post, so keep an eye out for that!) While there, we had tons of Asher time and I soaked up every minute of it. However, a few months before our trip, I got this idea to do a little photoshoot of Asher dressed as Max from Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. My sister and brother in law have always loved this book. In fact, my brother in law, Josh,  has an entire tattoo sleeve with the Where the Wild Things Are theme – it was too perfect. So I ordered a costume and shipped it to Arizona.

Our little photoshoot wasn’t anything fancy. Just a family in the backyard enjoying the nice weather and spending time together. Which to me, was perfect. Asher crawled happily in the grass and grinned ear to ear – showing off his brand new bottom teeth. As I focused my camera on his little chubby cheeks, my heart melted. It’s hard to describe the joy that it brought me to be able to use my photography skills to capture this stage of his life, but I am so glad that I was able to do so. What’s more, to be able to capture some memories of Alisha, Josh and Asher together was amazing. We even got to say hello to Harry LaPillough, their twenty year old kitty!

The next morning as we prepared to leave, I woke early to find Alisha and Asher in the kitchen making delicious pancakes. The sunlight pouring in the windows, Asher babbled happily as he decimated his current favorite – blackberries. He. Was. Covered. I got to help feed him some yogurt and then we had playtime before breakfast. It was special to me to be able to share in such a relaxed morning with Asher and Alisha. My sister moved away when I was still a teenager and has been all over the world ever since, so shared quiet mornings like that are so very special to me. And when I say quiet, I mean with the exception of Asher’s happy songs!

Soon my sweet nephew will travel to Spain and will grow up there, exploring all that Barcelona has to offer. Together with Alisha and Josh, he will meet new people, try new things and go on so many adventures. But today I focus on his precious little life and how lucky my entire family is to have such a joyous little soul amongst us. He is funny, curious, smart, sweet and determined. Not to mention incredibly cute. I cannot wait to watch him grow up, even if it is over Facetime, something I am very thankful for. I know he will bring so much light into this world. This little guy was made for amazing things.

Happy first birthday, Asher man. I love you.

– Aunt Ali

  1. Alisha

    May 16th, 2017 at 5:40 pm

    Love you, Alison. This is fabulous.Xo, Alisha

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