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10 Wedding Day Ways to Honor Your Mom | Tips For Brides

Weddings are a big deal. Not just to the bride and groom but to their friends and family. Most often brides spend a ton of time leading up to the big day planning out every detail. From trying on the dress to selecting the caterer, it’s not uncommon to find the mother of the bride or groom nearby. But what happens once all the planning is done and the big day arrives? The day can be a whirlwind and you want to make sure mom feels special. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, here are some ideas to help you honor your mama (or your sweethearts mama!) on your wedding day!

 1.)  Wear Your Mom's Jewelry:  Ask your mom if she would be willing to let you borrow one of her rings or necklace. Perhaps there is a family heirloom piece that you could wear on your walk down the aisle.

 2.)  Ask Your Mom to Get Ready with You:  Having your mom in the room with you can lead to lots of laughs, sweet moments and she may even give you some advice to help ease any wedding day nerves. Plus being able to look back and remember having your mom in the room with you while you prep for your big day? Priceless.

 3.)  Give Her a Special Gift:  Make your mom feel special by picking out something just for her to gift her on your wedding day. The options are limitless, from a personalized handkerchief to special jewelry to match her dress, knowing that you thought of her will make your mom feel so special.

 4.)  U  se Photos from Her Wedding and Her Parents' Wedding : Ask your mom and your groom's mom to help you gather up photos from their wedding days and any other special weddings in the family. Display them proudly during your reception!

 5.)  Have a First Look with Your Mom:  If your mom is not able to get ready with you, arrange for a first look so that your mom can share a special moment seeing her daughter as a bride for the first time.

 6.)  Wear Your Mom's Veil:  If you prefer to wear your own dress, wearing your mom's veil is a great way to connect you two on your wedding day. Have your mom help you put it in with the help of your hair stylist.

 7.)  Include Her in Your Thank You Speech:  A lot of brides and grooms will grab the mic and give a thank you speech to their guests for joining them on their special day. Be sure to say a few words of thanks about your mom, she is sure to love it.

 8.)  Save a Special Dance for Mom:  It is traditional to dance with your dad during your reception, but ask your d.j. to play one of your mom's favorite songs and pull her out on the dance floor. From silly to sweet, the two of you will have fun and remember this dance for years to come.

 9.)  Give Your Mom Flowers:  Make your mom feel special by giving her a corsage or a mini bouquet to carry on your wedding day. She is more than a guest, so this thoughtful touch will set her apart.

 10.)  Take the Time to Give Her a Hug:  Don't forget to slow down and spend a moment with your mom, soaking in the day. A simple hug can make her feel so honored on your day, and she deserves it.

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