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Heather + Derek | Downtown Pendleton, IN Engagement Session

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As a child my family was very competitive in Soap Box Derby. We spent countless hours on our local track and traveling the midwest to compete every weekend in the summers. While it was fun to meet so many new people along the way, it was always nice to see familiar faces. The Etherington family, also from the Anderson area,  traveled as much as we did and we frequently ended up at the same rallies – sometimes states away. As luck would have it the three children in their family were about the same ages as my siblings and I, and we all seemed to share the same level of excitement and dedication to our sport. Derek was my age and we constantly raced one another as we were always in the same division. We were fierce rivals on the track and friends the rest of the time. From goodluck handshakes before each trip down the hill to pool parties at their house after the biggest race each year, I have tons of memories of their entire family that I truly treasure and am thankful for to this day. 

A few weeks ago I was able to reconnect with Derek and be formally introduced to his amazing fiancee, Heather over a Facetime call. I immediately felt connected to Heather, she is so sweet and loves taking notes as much as I do! So on when we met in downtown Pendleton, Indiana for their engagement session on Monday, I knew we were going to have fun! But this wasn’t the first time I have met Heather. You see, awhile back I was out having dinner with my best friend and our husbands when I looked over and saw Derek. At that point I hadn’t seen him in years so I joyfully bounded over to say hello to my longtime friend. Derek introduced me to Heather and we talked for a few minutes. What I didn’t know – was that this wasn’t just their first date, but it was a semi blind date!  Oops! I was so embarrassed. But hey, it keeps life interesting I suppose.

Fast forward to Monday evening. The weather was just perfect as we strolled along through downtown Pendleton. It was really sweet to see how much these two care about one another. They have this ability to make each other laugh that I just love. Derek does some pretty fantastic impressions and he had all of us cracking up, but Heather most of all. Zach and I are coming up on our sixth wedding anniversary, and I know how important it is to be able to laugh together as a couple. These two have it down, and that makes my heart so happy! I know that their wedding next spring is going to be tons of fun, I am counting down the days already!


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