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Emily + Kyle | Romantic Blush Wedding | Palomino Ballroom | Indianapolis, Indiana

When I stumbled upon Emily’s Instagram account one of the first things I noticed was a beautiful photo of her holding her hand out to show off her new engagement ring. I couldn’t help but comment about it. After all, it was rose gold. Rose gold cannot be ignored. (More on that later) Within a few weeks I found myself sitting across from Emily, her fiancé Kyle and her mom Ginger. From learning about how Emily and Kyle were high school sweethearts to the way Kyle proposed, I was bursting with happiness throughout our meeting. Plus they told me all about their rescue pup, Neveah. I was hooked!

The day of their wedding I arrived at The Church at the Crossing in Indianapolis and found my way to the room where Emily was getting ready. As soon as I walked through the door I was greeted by hugs from Emily and Ginger. That’s the thing about Emily’s family and friends, they are all so warm and loving. They make you feel like you are apart of the family. I loved it! Emily’s bond with her sister, Rachael is wondrously inspiring. Rachael was right there with Emily all day, getting her anything and everything she could possibly need. And when she couldn’t, Rachael’s boyfriend Seth ran errands and got things taken care of. Seriously people, this guy is a keeper! 

It is so apparent that family is important to Emily and Kyle. The beautiful lace appliqués on Emily’s veil came from the very wedding dress her grandmother and mother wore. A surprise they saved for her grandmother for the day of the wedding. And the nods to family didn’t stop there. As luck would have it, while searching for a wedding band for Kyle it was discovered that a mens wedding band that had been passed down in Emily’s family was ready for a new home. It just so happened to match Emily’s rose gold engagement ring perfectly. On Kyle’s boutonnière and Emily’s bouquet – small charms held photos of loved ones so they could carry them with them through out the day. During their exit, Emily and Kyle released five pink balloons, each one representing a loved one no longer with them. Oftentimes on wedding days it is so easy to get caught up in the fun and forget to stop and reflect on those that played a part in who you are. But not Kyle and Emily. These two are special.

As Kyle and Emily said their “I do’s” on the stage of the church where they both teach Sunday school, I grinned behind my lens. Emily and Kyle are one of those couples that are just meant to be together.  Kyle is hilarious and optimistic about … well just about everything. Emily keeps him grounded, but do not be fooled. Her sense of humor is smart, witty and perfectly timed. They are in sync all the time. Rooted in their faith and challenging each other to grow daily, I know these two will go far. As I watched their family and friends join them on stage, laying their hands on them to pray over them, I could see how loved and supported they are. In fact, the majority of their bridal party was made up of brothers and sisters – each one grinning all day with happiness for their respective sibling. It was incredible to see. 

Following their ceremony we decided to change up or plans and do their portraits in the yard behind the church, which included the most whimsical swing hanging from a tree branch. As we were heading to our cars to drive to the reception, raindrops started to fall slowly from the sky. Talk about timing! It poured the entire way to the reception, but as soon as we pulled into the parking lot of the Palomino Ballroom, the rain stopped. Almost as if to celebrate with us as we took photos of the newly minted Goykes and their awesome bridal party and families. As we wrapped up our photos outside, we noticed the most stunning sunset. Without a seconds hesitation, Emily and Kyle followed me to the other end of the parking lot to get a few quick photos. I am so glad they did!

If you have not been to the Palomino Ballroom, you have got to check it out! A giant divided window frames the room and tea lights glow on each ledge. Beautiful white drapes pulled guests’ eyes to the dance floor as Mr. and Mrs. Goyke shared their first dance as husband and wife. Following a delicious dinner, Emily and Kyle cut their cake and guests enjoyed all kinds of yummy donuts! Not long after the donuts disappeared, the dance floor filled up. Emily and Kyle chatted with their guests in between dances while their flower girl did cartwheels across the neon lit dance floor. As we packed up to head home for the night, I took one last look at the dance floor. In the very center, there was Emily, her arms around Kyle’s neck, smiling and laughing, exactly as it should be. 

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  1. Emily Goyke

    December 14th, 2016 at 9:37 pm

    This made me cry, smile, laugh and feel every possible emotion as I, yet again, relived this day through your photos! Your talent is immeasurable and your joy is contagious, Ali. You’re the best. Thank you for the gift you gave our families through these photos. We all love you,

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